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How I jammed my MINC.....and fixed it!

So.......I jammed my poor MINC mini the other day and thought it was doomed to join the graveyard of broken craft supplies. But, I am happy to report the patience has been resuscitated and has new life!

I made a video that shows what I did to take it apart and un-jam it.

DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend doing what I did at all!! But, if you find your machine jammed, and like me, like to figure out how things work and want to try and fix it yourself, versus reaching out to the Heidi Swapp company, or you just want to see how NOT to epically on!

Supplies Used

• Heidi Swapp MINC Mini -

• Heidi Swapp MINC Foil - Mint -

• Phillips Head screwdriver

• Determined, plucky attitude!

<3 April

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