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Creating Your Own Cardstock Swatches (and great ways to use them!)

Hello to all of you happy crafters! I am excited to be sharing my recent organization project for my craft space, and that is the swatching of my cardstock.

Over the 10+ odd years that I have been creating cards, and even longer if I count general crafting, I have accumulated a lot of cardstock. And, I am sorry to say that I have not been using it to it's full potential.

My solution?

Swatch every single cardstock, organize it rainbow order (because I can!) and pull the swatches out instead of full page 8 1/2" x 11" sheets every time I had some color inspiration.

The process itself was simple, but time consuming just based on the amount of cardstock I have accumulated over the years. So, I hunkered down with a good TV show and set to work. I detailed my process in the above video, and below you will find some photos of my swatches and the few supplies I used to create them.

Supplies Used in this Project

Hero Arts Nesting Tag Dies -

Brother P-Touch Label Maker, Versatile Easy-to-Use Labeler, PTD400AD -

Label KINGDOM Replace for Brother P-Touch Label Maker Tape; 12mm 0.47 Inch, laminated black on white -

Single hole punch - (I found one on Amazon, but they can be found inexpensively at most office supply stores, craft stores, or even places such as Walgreens, Target, and Walmart)

Large swatch - Font: ATL ; Font size: 12

Mini swatch - Font: ATL ; Font size: 9

If you are using the brother P-Touch model PT-D400, then the ATL font is number 9 in the list

Here is the Jennifer McGuire video that shows an amazing way to use the Brother label maker that has helped me save a lot of label tape over the past few years. It took me a minute to find the video because it was back from 201 -- but it is here if you'd like to check it out. Navigate to 13:50 to find the section on labeling

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